Poultry slaughterhouse created in 1946 in Saint-Martin-des-Noyers by Mr. Henri Thomas, the company settled in the heart of a region (les Pays de la Loire), where there is large production of high-quality. In order to expand his range of products in 1978, Mr. Thomas decided to build an EC approved advanced slaughterhouse and a cutting plant.

Today, Thomas et Fils Ets ensures slaughtering of poultry, such as chicken, guinea-fowls, and other Anatides (barbary and Peking ducks), perform packing (whole and cuts) of black, white or yellow chicken under vacuum, under a modified atmosphere, loose or under film. Ritual slaughter (halal) is also possible.

Poultry slaughterhouse

Located in the geographic centre of the department of Vendée (85), and today less than 10 km from a highway junction, Thomas et Fils meets the expectations of its clients.

Since its expansion, the company can satisfy a large clientèle particularly with cut products for which it is able to adapt, and be open to any specific request.

The most famous product, being the SUPREME (escalope with skin and drumstick), it can adapt to a fairly wide range of weight.